Sunday 28 June 2015

My Sunday Photo 28/06/15

This weeks Sunday photo with OneDad2Girls is from yesterday while we spent the day with my Nan. She still lives in the little village that I grew up in. It's a beautiful little village and is like the villages you see in films with one grocery shop, one pub, gorgeous church and a market house. It is also home to the common, which is the huge green open space you see in this photo. 

Yesterday we took a walk to visit my gramp's grave with some flowers which to get to you  walk over the common. We took the football and Finley got to kick the ball and run in the sun, fresh air and amazing open space. He even said to me 'I do good football don't I mummy'.

I love this photo as it reminds me of my childhood and the boys are so happy here. One day I would love to return and live here.



  1. It looks like he's having a great time

    Thank you for linking up

  2. What a great place for Finley to play, nothing to get in his way, and the scenery is gorgeous!

  3. Awww sounds like a lovely place and looks like you had fun =) #mysundayphoto



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