Wednesday 27 May 2015

A very big decision

We did something today that we have been talking about for a while. Or I have been talking about and my husband has been dismissing the idea. We got the house valued. Last week I took the leap and called the Estate Agents, then told my husband lol! They're booked in for yesterday and today.
We have been here for nearly 8 years. This is our first house. Where we bought both our sons home to. They took their first steps here. We've laughed and cried here. We have had good and bad times in this house. So many memories. I love this house so much. We have made it our home and its a safe place for the whole family. And friends come here and feel at home. But we need to take the next step as a family and start our next chapter.
My husband grew up in a little town about 6 miles from where we live now and he loves it there. He has such fond memories and over the years I have made friends from the town, one being my very best friend, and it has started to feel like a place I could call home. He talks so fondly of his childhood and that is what I want so much for our boys. The reason we didn't buy a house there 8 years ago was because house prices were just too high for us.
Now after living here for so long and doing the house up by updating the bathrooms and other features in the house we hoped we had made some money which would mean we could all move back to the place my husband grew up.
Another big reason is the school and preschool. There is one main school in the town which I love the thought of. Where we live at the minute there are so many. The school in this little town is amazing! It looks fantastic and everybody raves about it. The Ofsted in great too. The boys would also start school with children they have grown up with as we have friends with children that would go there.
The other reason that prompted all of this was support with the boys. My husband works long hours and both our parents live about an hour away. So when we have a doctors appointment with one of the boys or a meeting I need to attend, I have no one to ask to watch the boys for me. And last week I had a meeting to go to, which the boys had to come along to. This in turn meant I didn't actually get to sit down at the meeting or know anything that was said at the meeting! I feel so alone at times where we are. And I know if we move then I will have my friends and some family to help us out if we ever needed them.
I'd be close enough to pop into a friends for a cup of tea and a chat. People could also just pop into us. We could have BBQ's and people wouldn't need to get in the car to get to us.
I will also be a little closer to my Mum and Nan. These are two of the people I miss the most. I know if we were closer we would see so much more of them.
So we had the first Estate Agent come round yesterday. He said all the right things and we got the valuation we had hoped for. This made me feel quite emotional. I wanted that news but then deep down if it hadn't been the right figure I think I would have been ok with it. Now we have to wait for the second estate agent tomorrow and then we will make a decision.
I need to put my love for this house aside and think of my family. A move has many more pros than cons. The boys would get so much out of it. They will see their friends more and when they go to school the children that live around us will also go to that school.
We made this house a home but its only bricks and mortar and we will make our next house a home. And we will make it a beautiful home for our boys.

And the red door - I adore the red door!!

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  1. Wow - exciting ! Good luck with everything :) #sharewithme

  2. Aah exciting times! We're on our 5th house — I absolutely love moving — the longest we've stayed in one place is 5 years. Good luck with your move!! You can always paint your next front door red ;) xx #ShareWithMe

    Caro |

  3. I think that living closer to people who can help is a pretty integral part of choosing a home. It was very high on our list when we bought our house last year. I know a lot of people who have lovely homes but live really far from their parents and they find it tough. x

  4. Ooooh good luck. Very exciting and hope the move goes well. We are just moving now - away from everyone due to work - but it's the right decision and schools are fab. Keep us updated! Jess x

  5. Good luck with the move it sounds like you are doing the right thing for your family xx #sharewithme

  6. Good luck! Hope you're able to find the right place for you and the family. Moving house us such a stressful yet exciting time - a chance for new beginnings and new adventures!

  7. How very exciting. Way to go you for taking the next step and best luck on your new adventure of it all. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I hope you are enjoying my blog hop and thanks for all the linky support! #sharewithme

  8. This is such a big decision. It's great that the estate agent gave you the valuation you hoped for. The town you're thinking about moving to sounds great. It's great to dream about moving, but it's greater when this gets to be a possible reality. #SundaysStars

  9. Exciting times ahead. Good luck with it and thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky

  10. ahh how exciting, I hope all goes smoothly for you and you find the perfect place thanks for linking up to #sundaystars



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