Saturday 2 May 2015

A-Z of Me!

Thank you Michelle over at Misunderstood Mummy for the A-Z of me tag! Here it is, took me a while but rather enjoyed it.

A is for AUGUST

This is the month I am born in and I love love love birthdays. Especially when they are my own lol.

B is for BOYS

I am outnumbered by boys in my life. Its 3 against 1 and I will never win. My life will be full of dirty sports kits and toilet seats left up but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Speaks for itself really, I love chocolate and without it in my life I would be a grump!

D is for DAD

My Dad, my Dad in law and the man who my boys call Daddy are incredible men.

E is for EDWARDS

My maiden name.

F is for FINLEY

My eldest son. He makes me smile everyday, he also makes me cry most days lol!

G is for GIRAFFE'S

My very favourite animal.


I record it everyday and will watch every episode. Sometimes I have about 10 to watch and I will watch them ALL (weird I know)


There is always icecream in our house as we are all pretty obsessed with it!

J is for JAM

Can't beat a bit of jam on toast!

K is for KIRSTY

That's me!

L is for LOVE

"I Love You" Something I tell my boys more than once a day and I hope they remember their childhood being full of love.

M is for MARK

My incredible husband. The one who made me the happiest women alive by marrying me and giving me our two gorges boys.

N is for NOAH

My youngest son. He is stroppy, stubborn and strong willed but puts a smile on my face everyday.

O is for OREOS

I adore these biscuits and can eat a whole packet at a time.

P is for POPS

Our nickname for Finley.

Q is for QUIET

I'm quiet when you first meet me, then I come out my shell and I wont go back!

R is for RYAN

My younger Brother. He drives me insane with his lack of thought for anyone else sometimes but god I love him.

S is for SAM

My very best friend.

T is for TEA

My day has to start with Tea or I can't function.

U is for UNICORN

"Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn!" One of my favourite quotes.

V is for VTECH

The toys that have taken over my life!

W is for WINE

This is my weekend indulgence, love a glass of red.

X is for XRAY

I've only had one of these thankfully, when I had a bad back.


There is always a candle lit in our house (when we are home!) and its always a Yankee.

Z is for ZESTFUL

While trying to find a word for Z my husband has just described me as this, active and full of life haha!!

I now nominate Jess over at Mrs Puddle Ducky, Emma over at Its Mostly Okay and Martyn at Inside Martyn's Thoughts, enjoy!!

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