Saturday 16 May 2015

HappyDays #2

Even thought it is only my second week linking up with Katy over at What Katy Said and Jenna over at Tiny Footsteps, I love this linky as I can really reflect on my week and realise just how much we cram in.

This week we have all got over our sickness, thankfully, and has been a very family orientated week and a lot of the time has been just me and the boys - and if I'm honest I have loved it. It's something we needed as I have been struggling recently with the whole growing up aspect of the boys. Especially Noah who is edging towards 2 and its all becoming overwhelming!
Out & About
We have had a lot of time out and about this week. We spent the day at Badminton Horse Trials on Sunday, you can read about it here (A successful day out). We went with a couple of my friends and had such a lovely day.
On Wednesday I decided to stop off at the park with Noah after dropping Finley at preschool. We spent nearly an hour there and it was lovely having some us time with my littlest monkey.
Then on Thursday we decided to surprise Nana with a visit to her seaside house even though it was raining, and I mean torrential rain. But we had the best time ever. The boys were so good and held my hand all the way along the promenade and were so well behaved. They love being outside and on the way to Nana's shop we stopped and watched a digger that was digging up the sand and moving it. It was lovely to have some special time with the boys away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Today with Daddy being home we had a family day out going to a local Steam Museum and lunch out. It was lovely spending time with the three people that make me smile.

 Fun at Home
We haven't been at home that much to do too much fun stuff but we again this week have done lots and lots of puzzles. The days which have been nice and that we have been home, we have been out in the garden. The boys are at their happiest when outside so the garden is their most favourite place.
Time for Me
I managed a couple of runs this week in preparation for my 10k in a few weeks time. I then had a girlie night out with one of my very close friends on Friday. We looked around some shops at a local shopping mall, had tea at Chiquitos where we had a good old gossip and enjoyed a glass of wine, then it was off to the cinema. We watched 'The Age of Adeline' which was a great film, made a lot better by the pick n mix we had treated ourselves to. It was lovely to be Kirsty and not Mummy for a few hours and to just relax.
My Happiest Moment
My happiest moment has to be when we walked, just the 3 of us, from my mother in laws house to her shop to surprise her by the beach. They both held my hand all the way and we chatted and it was just perfect. And it made me realise just how lucky I am to have these two little boys that love me so much and call me mummy.
Next week I would like to....
I have been invited to my friends open evening. She has recently opened her own nail salon so I am looking forward to going along, having a glass of champers and catching up with some friends that I may not have seen for a while. And also seeing what a fab job she has done to the salon. I am also looking forward to getting stuck into my new book 'The Girl From Nowhere'.

What Katy Said


  1. Sounds like you had a great week, we often go walking in the rain! Must be something about boys my Monkey goes stir crazy if he's in all day so normally rain is the better option! lol. Also sounds like you had a lovely 'you time' evening. Hope the trip to the salon goes just as well. Have a great week. #HappyDays xx

    PS love the linkys that I love page in the menu x

  2. Glad you are all better this week. I am LOVING the size of that icecream! Love your happiest moment, so sweet. Thanks for joining in with our #HappyDaysLinky x



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