Friday 31 July 2015

Is He Ready For Potty Training??

As the title suggests I am thinking about potty training. I am a huge believer of being led by your toddler when it comes to potty training and not pushing them.

Just after Finley had turned two my Nan started on at me about potty training. She said things like 'its about time you started potty training isn't it', 'he should be out of nappies now' and 'look he wants to go on the potty'. But in my mind he wasn't ready and I always told her he would tell me when he is ready. I don't mean that he would one day say to me 'Mummy I am know ready to use a potty', I mean that he would show me signs and then we could give it a go.

Well it happened when my youngest was only a few months old. We had had the potty around the house, so he could get familiar with it, for a while. He used to sit on it fully clothed but he wouldn't go near it with no nappy on. And I didn't push as didn't want to scare him. But then all of a sudden he said 'wee' so I got the potty and he sat on it an wee'd. So I followed his lead. It was a long road with lots of accidents but it happened and I was so glad I had waited for his signs to tell me that he was ready.

Now with Noah just turned two, potty training is at the back of my mind. Niggling away as I 'think' he is showing signs. He tells me before he is going, sometimes after and he will sit on the potty. He will also sit on the toilet before bath time and do a wee. So is he ready?

I don't want to push it and I think he is too young. But he isn't too young really and I think because he is my second the whole potty training thing would be the last of nappies, which is great but that's like the last baby stage isn't it.

He wants to do what Finley is doing and he is very interested when Finley uses the toilet. So I think this will help us.

But am I giving myself excuses because lets me honest potty training is a NIGHTMARE! Wee on the floor, 20 pairs of pants a day, carrying a potty with us wherever we go and the constant nag of 'do you need a wee'.

In all honesty I don't know if he is ready so I was thinking when the sun shines, if it shines this summer, to go in the garden naked (Noah not me) and give it a go. Because what have I got to lose apart from my sanity and my nice wee free decking?

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  1. definitely sounds like he is showing signs of being ready, I find Summer months are always the best time to try #binkylinky

  2. As my twins are 18 months old, I'm afraid I have no helpful (or even unhelpful!) advice to offer. However, we all get unsolicited advice from other parents, so maybe it's a good thing I don't have any. :-) Good luck. #Binkylinky

  3. I'm having the same feelings as you! My daughter will say she needs a wee and poo but refuses to do them on the potty! I think she's not ready yet. I think after Finley you know what you are doing and I'd go with your gut xx good luck #binkylinky

  4. Hi Kirsty, I am there, with the wee on the floor and full washing basket! Amy started taking her nappy off at every chance, including during the night when we were asleep, so we didn't really have much choice! This is my third time round and potty training is much easier in summer, for training outdoors and also getting the washing dry. Having said that I would worry about having him trained by x age, Mummy's know best! Good luck, whatever you decide :)

  5. Potty training was always my least favourite part of being a Mum, but a necessary evil! If he's showing the signs like he seems to be I'd give it a go lovely, the younger child seems to do stuff at a younger age than the elder one anyway as they have been watching them in my experience. Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  6. He sounds almost ready. I had no intentions of potty training my girls until they were 3, but they showed signs earlier than that and were trained by around 2 and a half. Totally agree with you about being led by them. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  7. He certainly sounds ready I think they kind of lead you and then you know they are ready thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  8. Oh the potty training! My little one is 20 months, won't be long for us too great post x

  9. I think this must be one of the hardest parts of parenting!!! Our youngest has special needs and at aged 4 was still showing zero interest in potty training. We cracked it and I wrote a post on it 'potty training a child with zero interest' and thankfully we're out the other side. It can be so stressful can't it??

  10. Potty training is the bane of my life at the mo! My son is 3 in Nov and he's definitely ready but he will not wee or poo on the potty or toilet! I don't want to force him but I think he'll be in nappies at 15 at this rate!! #sundaystars xx

  11. I've waited quite a while with Monkey, we tried in January but he was nowhere near ready. I've thought he was ready for a couple of months now but waited until summer and honestly it has been a breeze (he was 3 in may) and we had maybe 3 accidents on the first couple of days but now have had no accidents for 3 days (we are on day 5). I'm not saying we will never have an accident but so far so good so don't rush if you are unsure. Having said that though being outside in the summer is a great time to try and like you say, what have you got to lose? I think second babies tend to do it earlier from seeing their siblings do it. Sorry for the long comment! Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays cx

  12. I agree with you, potty training is a nightmare!! So much work! grrr x

    A Moment With Franca

  13. i definitely agree when they are ready they are ready don't push them before it will take even longer but sometimes its good to test the water and see how ready they are youll soon know - having said that Lottie is 17 months and always wants to wear knickers and sit on the toilet lol she just wants to be like her big sisters though! Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars

  14. I've got all this still to come. I'll be following your journey to see if I can pick up any tips! Thanks for linking up. #bigfatlinky

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