Thursday 16 July 2015

My Week At A Glance 05/07 - 11/07

Last week was a pretty chilled one with the hubby being home from work. We enjoyed lots of family time and a lot of time at home.

On Sunday we enjoyed a day at my Nan's where we also saw my Mum and brother. The boys love spending time with them and you can see in the first picture that they had a lovey cuddle with my Mum while watching a film.

I then got a new washing machine! This is pretty exciting stuff but it wasn't out of choice, the old one broke. But hubby kindly went and got one the same day and also fitted it!

I made some gorgeous Rhubarb Cordial which was posted by Caro from The Twinkle Diaries. I then had it with some Prosecco once the boys were in bed, it was so yummy! Go and check out the recipe and make some yourself, its addictive!

On Wednesday the weather was a bit rubbish so we enjoyed the day at soft play. When I say day I actually mean the whole day! We had the best time but were all knackered when we got home.

Then on Friday we ended a great week with some art in the garden. The hubby was painting the fence so the boys also wanted to do some painting too. Best place for it and the boys had a whale of a time.

I'm linking up with Working Mummy and Wife for this weeks My Week At A Glance.

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  1. Sounds like a great week! I'm excited to get back to writing my #weekataglance today! I've missed the past 4 weeks ahh! It's fun getting a new appliance ;) x

  2. Ah sounds like a great week. Nice to spend time as a family and good work staying at soft play ALL day that's impressive!! Thanks for linking up #myweekataglance

  3. Did you ever think pre-baby that you would get excited about a washing machine :-) I am totally with you on it though. We haven't been able to use ours for a week (ripping the utility out) and we have a MOUNTAIN of washing to do. Quite fancy some rhubarb and prosecco....well it is the weekend. Thanks for sharing the idea. See you on here next week #myweekataglance

  4. This sounds like a lovely week. Rhubarb cordial sounds tasty. A whole day at soft play-wow, what fun :-) #TheList

  5. What a busy week! That soft play looks amazing - especially the giant ball pool! Thanks for joining #myweekataglance!

  6. Sounded like you had a great week and a fun week too. The Rhubarb Cordial sounds yum! I'll have to try to make it myself one day.

    Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Hope too see you this Sunday at #justanotherlinky



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