Saturday 4 July 2015

My Captured Moment #24

This weeks 'My Captured Moment' is a gushing, proud parent post. Finley and Noah are very different in every way. Finley is very outgoing whereas Noah is shy and Finley will go off in a soft play or park by himself and Noah will want us by his side.
We arrived on our holiday on Monday and had to find some things to do before we could get into our accommodation. There was a lovely big wooden tree house park that as soon as we got there Finley was off, but Noah was very reluctant to go alone and wanted us to go with him. Not the easiest on a children's play park. 
Throughout the week we visited it everyday and each day his confidence grew. By Friday, our last day, he was running off with Finley. The one bit that he hadn't been totally sure on all week was the long bridge. But he did it all by himself. And I was so proud that I think I took about 20 photos of this one moment! He was so pleased with himself when he reached the end. And he then had his confidence so he continued to venture across it by himself.
It helped having Finley there as Noah watched his every move to see if it was safe.
My shy baby is turning into a confident toddler which I am so pleased about as I want him to experience things for himself without needing to hold my hand. And I want him to experience things with him brother so they can make their own memories together without mummy being stuck in the middle.
Running in Lavender


  1. Well done Noah, a fantastic achievement. I think as adults we sometimes forget to look from a child's perspective. These bridges are huge and scary when you're small.

  2. Bless him and well done for being so brave! Theses bridges are so scary at this age. And well done you for catching the moment. Thanks so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xxx



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