Tuesday 21 July 2015

The Terrible Two's Arrived On Noah's Second Birthday

I thought we were already in the terrible two's zone. We have been having irrational tantrums now for a good few months, yes its been testing but I thought 'this isn't too bad, I can cope with this', silly me!
Little did I know that the day he turned two that the terrible two's would come with a vengeance. The morning of his birthday was like normal, when he finished his toast he needed his plate taken away that minute and he wanted to get himself dressed. We got ourselves into the car and were on our way to Peppa Pig World. In the car he didn't sleep and was a little more demanding than usual but I just put that down to the fact that Daddy was sat in the back with him.
We got to the park and it happened, bam, terrible two's had finally arrived. We all went through the turn stiles and because he was under 1m he had to walk under the bar. Well he didn't want to and he hadn't seen me go through so was trying to go the other way to find me. He was in the zone and there was no telling him I was right there, then snap he realised it was me and walked through. Then decided it wasn't me he wanted but it was Granny so demanded she carried him. And Granny being Granny like any grandparent she gave into his demands.
He then cheered up, was excited to see Peppa Pig. That was until we saw the tweenies ride, right outside Peppa Pig World. There was no distracting him he wanted to go on it and that minute. So after 2 minutes I carried him kicking and crying until he saw Grampy Pig and again, instantly fine. Can you see a pattern forming?!
It then came to queuing for the rides. Now us adults hate queuing so for a 2 year old this must be a nightmare. He wanted to get on the ride right away, didn't want to watch other children go on it without not him - who does - so we had lots of sit in's, lying down and shouting for the particular ride we were waiting for. For example while waiting to go on Daddy Pigs cars he led down shouting 'car, car, car'. Thankfully as it is a children's theme park there were lots of children not to happy with the waiting so we just tried to distract and make him happy while we waited.
Then he got to met Peppa Pig and George. You would think to an avid fan this would be amazing. Finley loved it. Hugged them, kissed them and generally didn't leave them alone. But Noah was happy to say hi and chant their names but when he turned his head and there was the big fluffy head of Peppa Pig he freaked out. Couldn't get away quick enough.

But when it came to leaving them he screamed and did the octopus with his arms flying everywhere and with them straight up in the air so no one was able to hold onto him.
Now he did have the best day ever and we had lots of laughs and smiles. But that was the day the terrible two's really kicked in, with a vengeance. And since then we have had sit in's most days for such silly things. Shouting as he was hungry even when he has a sandwich and crisps in front of him. The demanding is unreal. And screeching. Oh the screeching, that's a whole new blog post lol!
So welcome terrible two's, I think you are here to stay until the threenager arrives in a year, yippee, were so excited to have you for the next 12 months - NOT!!
Here are some happy pictures from the day to show is wasn't all a tantrum filled day.

The Twinkle Diaries
And then the fun began...

Best of Worst


  1. Sounds like he kept you on your toes all day! But I'm sure very worth it #TwinklyTuesday xx

  2. We loved Peppa Pig World! But, it is very stimulating & overwhelming for the kiddies after awhile. My daughter wasn't completely loving the huge peppa & george either - it's a little scary! #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Hehe, we've just welcomed the threenager it's not good! The terrible twos are soooo hard but at least with a three year old they can be reasoned with, sort of!

    Helen - #twinklytuesday

  4. Well, that was punctual! The terrible twos can be very trying, can't they?

  5. oh noooo! And all was going so smoothly. Must be a button that turns on in their head!! xx #twinklytuesday

  6. I can completely relate to this. Oliver is 2.5 now and over the last week the tantrums have been terrible, he has also started to say 'go away' and even 'Don't look at me'! I try not to take it to heart, but it's hard! Lovely photos of your day out though :)
    Becky xx

  7. tehe loved this yesterday. Thanks for linking up to #bestandworst and good luck!!! x

  8. tehe loved this yesterday. Thanks for linking up to #bestandworst and good luck!!! x

  9. Can't believe they kicked in on the day he turned two! I think at two they definitely ramp 'em up, but three can be hell and my youngest turns three this Friday - God help me!! :-) Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout X

  10. It's so hard isn't it?! One of ours has been in the terrible twos since he was 16 months old!! The other one is fairly placid — but it rears it's head every once in a while!!! I think we've just got to take a deep breath and ride it out. *Hopefully* it will pass!!!! ;) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — hope to see you again next week! x

    Caro | www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk



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