Thursday 2 April 2015

My Primark Haul

As written in a previous post (Shopping, Wine & Giggles) I got to go on a girlie shopping trip on Saturday. I picked up some fab items in Primark and as unpacking my shopping bags realised what great stuff I'd purchased that wanted to share with you!

Primark really is a great place to shop. Some people don't like it and fair enough that is their opinion but for what I need and the fact I am a stay at home mum on a budget, Primark is my go to for clothes. Since last summer I have lost a little bit of weight so a lot of my summer clothes don't fit anymore. They have since been put on ebay and have funded my shopping trip lol. With our South Africa trip fast approaching I needed to get some summery clothes as I don't think jeans and jumpers would do me over there. Here is what I got!

I'll start from the top and work my way down. The top green and black tops are simple cami tops which for me are a must have in the summer and these were a bargain at £4 each. I live in these during the summer and they had loads more colours that I may have to go and grab some more after our trip.

The red top (looks orange in the picture) was a steal at £10. It will be perfect to team up with a pair of dark jeans or black trousers. It can be left casual or would be great with a nice big necklace to dress it up.

The long blue and cream skirt was £6!! I know - amazing! This again can be worn casually with a cream cami top or dressed up with a nice top and necklace.

Now onto the green skirt. I bet you can't believe how much this was. £1!! Yes £1 I didn't type that in incorrectly. I am so looking forward to wearing with skirt in the spring with tights and also in the summer teamed up with a nice pair of black sandals.

The green shirt was £8. It's what it is, a shirt but can be worn in so many ways and with so many things.

We are now onto the shoes and if I could have had more I would have. The shoe selection is fantastic and has something for everyone. I tend to go for flat shoes as being a mummy this is just more practical and I'm not great in heels anyway.

The first pair are these gorgeous royal blue sandals. They were £6. They had them in a few more coloured but I was drawn to these. They will be great with jeans or skirts or with just about anything if I get my way. I've a feeling these are going to be my go to sandals of the summer.

I wasn't to sure with these grey beauties on the rail but I am so glad I tried them on because they are gorgeous. These too were £6. They are perfect for the spring as they are a cross between pumps and sandals.

Now they had these in orange and I was so tempted to get them but orange is a colour that doesn't go with everything and unless you have a lot of orange in your wardrobe they wont get much wear. So I went for the neutral colour and they are so comfortable. I hope, as they were in the shop! These were the most expensive of the lot at £8.

I could have got so much more but I restrained myself as I don't think my wardrobe can hold much more stuff. I need a clear out of the winter stuff once the sun comes out and then maybe treat myself again.

I got a few other bits from other shops like a black t-shirt that is a must have in a wardrobe and a pair of cream chino shorts. These are rather boring but I also wanted to share these with you.

These were an absolute bargain in Dorothy Perkins at £7. I have been after some harem trousers for a while and when these were on the sale rail I couldn't say no. I'm thinking these may be my aeroplane trousers as they are so comfortable. But do look like pyjamas haha.

These are all in the wash at present and I cant wait for the sun to make an appearance so my bargain purchases can too.

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  1. I'm loving the capsule wardrobe you're building. It looks like everything here would work in a couple of different outfits. That's what I'm aiming for but at the minute I'm really low on clothes that fit (weight loss too!) but have no money at all to buy new ones. Have a great holiday. xx


  2. Amazing haul! I find some amazing bargains in Primani (as we like to call it). I pretty much but my whole Mummy wardrobe from there. x

  3. ooo love that long skirt from primary bargin and perfect for S/S xx

  4. Love the green! I need to have an audit of my wardrobe! x

  5. I really need to sort out my wardrobe, it is such a nightmare. Such fab bargains. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x



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