Wednesday 8 April 2015

Precious Parent In Laws and Beach Days

I feel incredibly lucky to have the in laws that I do. From the day I was introduced to them by my now husband they made me feel like one of the family. They have always treated me like a daughter and are always there for us. I remember the day like it was yesterday when we told them they were to be grandparents. I was so excited as I knew they would be the best grandparents in the world and that they are. Their grandchildren are their world and as soon as they walk through the door we get a break as they just take over. The boys love them so much.

The one thing that I feel the luckiest about is that I can spend time with them just me and the boys and feel comfortable in their presence. And as I said they treat me as a daughter. With my husband working Monday - Friday and long hours they were a godsend when Finley was born. He had reflux and would cry all the time. I would spend most of my days either at their house or my mother in law would be at ours. Without them I don't know how I would have coped. They took Finley for a cuddle when they saw me struggling and that was the great thing, they know me and know when I need a helping hand without me even asking. And then when Noah was born and Mark had gone back to work, they were there to help me through the minefield of the first few months of having two children under 2.

They recently bought a flat near the beach and Mandy has opened a gorgeous shop with her friend on the pier, Beachlife Chic. So we don't get to see them as often as we used to but they always make the effort even if its just for a day to come back and see us and the boys. Where they live it is so gorgeous and last summer the boys and I spent many a days there playing on the beach and exploring the town.

With the weather on the up and with it being half term, on Tuesday we decided to go and pay them a visit and to see the shop for the first time since it opened the other week. I invited my best friend and her little girl to cone along as they always make days fab!

We headed down about 10 and arrived at their flat at 11. My mother in law was already in the shop and my father in law was out. They had told me to let ourselves in and make lunch. This is a great thing about being so comfortable with them. They make their home feel like your own home and I feel so comfortable rummaging in their kitchen cupboards for food lol! As we were just about to sit down for lunch my father in law turned up. He has a bad back so wasn't planning on walking along the beach to the shop with us but after a cup of tea he decided to join us. We made our way along the promenade and it was gorgeous. The weather was fantastic and the boys can just run without the worry of the road as their is big wall between the road and us.

The walk is a good mile so the kids did so well to walk all the way, with a few little tantrum along the way from Noah who is approaching the terrible two's! Just as we had got over them with Finley we are slowly creeping back into them haha!

As we walked up the pier Finley could remember what was coming up after coming the other weekend with my husband. And he ran, all the way from the end of the Pier to the shop, where my mother in law was stood arms open. And when Noah saw off he went to. They really do love their Nana, when she is around, Mummy is redundant.

The shop is gorgeous and full of homemade items made out of driftwood by my mother in law and shabby chic items from her friend. After having a little look we made our way to the soft play on the pier. On the way we stopped to take this picture which I didn't realise I had taken the same photo exactly 2 years ago.

All the kids had a great time in soft play but at the word of ice cream they wanted to go! With my father in laws bad back we were planning on taking the land train back to their flat but we decided on the open top bus. And I am so glad we did. We had to wait 10 minutes for the next bus so it was a great chance for some photos and selfies.

Once on the bus off we were heading in the direction of a secluded quiet beach which my mother in law sources all her driftwood from. We were lucky enough to get a seat at the top, out in the open and I really felt like I was on holiday.

The boys loved the bus and so did I getting to see some gorgeous scenery. We all hopped off the bus and grabbed an ice cream.

After stuffing our faces with ice cream we headed back to my parent in laws for a cuppa before heading home. This is a day that I will cherish and have such precious memories of. Having a place that I can go and for it to feel like home is pretty special.

My parent in laws are the most incredible people and I mam so lucky to have them in mine and my sons lives.
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  1. Looks like you had a great time, I love the photo recreated from two years ago! We live away from our family so really appreciate the times when we do see them, it is so important to make the time for it. #sharewithme

  2. Lovely lovely lovely! You are very lucky to have such great in-laws! #BigBadBlogHope

  3. OMG this is where I live! I am few steps away from this beach! I need to see their store!! Where is it at? Oh well I will have a look at the business directory.

    Its been sunny in the last days so its so nice to go to the beach!!! #sharewithme

    1. What a small world! :-) her shop is on the pier, half way up - if you get a chance go and have a peek as they have gorgeous things! Say Kirsty sent you. It's gorgeous there, really looking forward to this year and spending our days there xx

  4. That's a huge ice cream (or a very small boy!) - looks a great day out and ti's a godsend to have such fabulous in-laws, and the shop looks fab too #sharethejoy

  5. Oh sounds like a love time and a great family day out together. Those are the best memories. Oh look at that ice cream! So delicious I bet he was in heaven with it. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. #sharewithme

  6. That sounds like a magical day! Memories and experiences are the things that life is made off. (Not stuff). You're right about in-laws as well. Supportive and helpful inlaws makes such a difference! I really appreciate mine! #sharewithme

  7. What a perfect day by the beach! We haven't been to our nearest seaside town yet this year but now I'm itching to get our wellies on and get to the sand. Thanks for linking up this happy post at #sharethejoy x



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