Saturday 11 April 2015

My Week at a Glance #3 {30/03 - 05/04}

I seem to be coming quite late to the party but I wanted to keep up with this great linky by Working Mummy and Wife as it is a great way to document our weeks to look back on. And I take so many pictures is it so nice to share them.

This week has been a quiet one for us. One of our quiet ones may not be quiet for some but we some how fill our weeks with so much stuff we don't have much time to sit down. This may be because the boys are on the go all the time and if we did do nothing we would all go mad and end up having a huge shouting match, yes they are only 22 months & 3 1/2, and we would all be stroppy.

Monday saw us popping into a craft class in the morning to keep the boys occupied for the morning and then we headed back to ours for lunch as Finley had his pre school jabs. No photo here as the craft class was crazy and I was running after two crazies and then obviously no photo of the jabs as it was a traumatic experience for us all - mostly me!

On Tuesday we chilled at my Nans house and a friend popped round with her two children. I did take lots of pictures but it didn't feel right to post them without her permission.

On Wednesday we had a day just the three of us so we walked into town had a Costa to refuel us, did some jobs and then grabbed some lunch. You can read about it here as it was a great day (Today was a great day)

On Thursday we did the food shopping at Aldi, I love it there, and then headed over to our friends for lunch where the boys found some 3D glasses and spent most of the afternoon playing with them.

Friday was the start of our Easter fun and we were joined at home by Finley's best Harry and his Mummy Kerri, a great friend of mine, and we enjoyed a lovely walk to the park with the boys on their bikes.

Saturday we went over to Kerri and Harry's house for an Easter egg hunt and some more Easter fun. The boys loved their Easter egg hunt and just before lunch they all made some Easter nests. Noah ate more than he put in the cake cases but he enjoyed himself. Then we took a walk to a park near their house to run off some sugar fuelled energy.

As you all know Sunday was Easter day and we had my Mum, her partner and my Nan coming over for lunch. We started the day with eating chocolate for breakfast and then another Easter egg hunt. Once we had eaten lunch we decided to take a walk to the ducks to walk off our lunch. I was pretty stuffed by the time bedtime came but I still managed to scoff some more chocolate once the boys were in bed.

It really was a great week to start off the Easter holiday and wasn't as stressful as I thought it was going to be.

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  1. Sounds like a busy but lovely week, but I can relate as my quiet weeks still seem busy to others! Thanks for linking up #myweekataglance

  2. Busy busy! Aldi is fab isn't it? Thee. Hope the rest of your hols good!! Xx

    1. The hols were fab thanks - hope yours were too. Aldi is the best xx

  3. Gotta love halfterm, looks like you had a great week x



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