Monday 13 April 2015

My Week at a Glance #4 {06/04 - 12/04}

Another week and another Week at a Glance with Working Mummy and Wife. As I have said before I love this linky. I get to really see what a great week we have had and how we have jam packed it with so much fun stuff! I want the boys to look back on their childhood and say they had fun. I try my best to make sure this happens. So here is our week and thank you Liz for hosting.
Monday as we all know was bank holiday Monday and the hubby was home. Yey! I love long weekends as we get to spend some much needed quality time with him as he works so hard and such long hours. We decided to go to Westonbirt Arboretum. A place you would have heard me post about a lot as I love it. But we hardly get to take Daddy there so it was great to show him the place we spend a lot of our free time in the week. We took a packed lunch so half way round stopped for some grub to refuel then off we went again. We got to meet the gruffalo and play peek a boo in the trees. On our way home we stopped at Ikea and picked up the boys a picnic bench for £30 which they have spent the last week eating their lunch and tea off of.
On Tuesday we went for a day to Weston Super Mare to see my parent in laws with my best friend and her little girl. You can read about it here Precious Parent in laws and beach days. It was a great day and we were blessed with the sunshine.
Wednesday saw us walk into town and take a trip to the park. I was far to busy running around after two crazy loons and catching up with a friend of mine to take any photos. But it was lovely and the boys and I had lunch out again. This time I bought them one £3.50 chicken nuggets, chips and beans between them and they ate it all!
Thursday saw us at Westonbirt again but with my best friend and my sister in law this time. We had a great time and so did the kids. We took a picnic again - I feel the picnic season has finally arrived. I really do love a good picnic as there is no sitting down and restraining children. They can run with their sandwich and its ok :-)
On Friday I had a haircut. Mum had the boys while I had a little time to myself at the hairdressers and drinking hot tea. I had a lot cut off and I am just getting used to it, very different but so much easier. As my husband said 'It's how you work it!' haha he does make me laugh!
Saturday was a chilled day followed by a girlie night out with cocktails and a lot of laughs.
On Sunday we ended the week on a high by visiting my Dad and his Girlfriend, who cooked us a gorgeous roast. We don't see my Dad that often but when we do the boys adore him and it is so lovely to see them with him.
Another great week filled with love, sun, food, friends and family. Bring on the next week that I will be cherishing before our 5 day trip to South Africa. The longest I have been away from the boys.


  1. Áww lots of picnics and outdoors! My favourite! Give you get used to the hair cut, I had a big chop a year or so ago and it took ages to get used to (especially washing it!). Thanks for linking up #myweekataglance

  2. ooo what a fun week! Hair cuts, cocktails, roast dinners...that's my kind of fun! Great pictures too!! #myweekataglance

  3. Your photos look lovely and all outdoors! Lovely to hear you got some extra family time in with the bank holiday :) #myweekataglance

    1. Thank you - we live outside when the sun is out! Xx

  4. Looks like you had a fun packed week and a holiday in the pipeline to South Africa too! Love your photos :) #myweekataglance



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