Wednesday 1 April 2015

Today was a great day

I needed to write about today. As it has been lovely.
It was just me and the two boys. We didn't have any plans for today so I asked Finley if he wanted to pop into town. And his answer was 'Yes - Costa!'. Haha he is definitely my son! So I got a few bits done around the house and then got us all ready to go. We live about 2 miles from town and I like the walk, apart from the huge hill in the middle, but it gets us some exercise. I bundled Noah into the pushchair and Finley onto the buggy board and off we set. The sun was shining and it was pleasantly warm. Finley kindly jumps off the buggy board at the start of the hill so its earlier to push the pushchair up and then hops back on at the top.
We got into town about 11 so headed straight for Costa, Finley whoop whooping as we got there. We ordered our usual of a skinny chai latte for me and a babycino for Finley, which he shares with Noah. As he had been so well behaved the last few days and we seem to be cracking the no little wee accidents I bought them a chocolate brownie that Finley had been eyeing up. We sat down, boys munching on their brownie and he able to enjoy my coffee and watch the world go by out the window.

This lasted all of 5 minutes as they eat so fast but as I was still drinking my coffee I got out some banana Soreen bars for them to munch on. Treats are my saviour!
From here we had a few bits to get, buy a new toilet seat & toilet brush (fancy!), print some photos and go in search of Mr Tumble and his spotty bag in the toy shops for the Easter bunny to bring on Sunday (my husbands idea, they would be happy with a kinder egg). We also popped into Clarks to get Finley some doodles. You know the summer is on the way when you can get the doodles out. I then quickly ducked into a couple of clothes shops to have a quick look at the sales they had on. To my surprise the boys allowed me to do this, and while in the changing room they played with their 90p hot wheel cars quite happily that we had got in Wilkinson's.
As we emerged from New Look it was raining. And I had no rain cover. Or umbrella. And I looked at my watch and was surprised to see it was close to 1. So I treated us to lunch. We headed to Boswells which is a little cafĂ© in the centre which isn't to expensive and they do great children's meals. The boys both had chicken nuggets, chips and beans for £3.50 each. A real steal. They sat happily munching on their lunch which still playing with their cars.

I kept an eye on the weather hoping the rain would stop. With the boys finished we got everything together and started to make our way home. Not before we popped into W H Smiths for some cream eggs for our brownies we are planning to make on Friday. We managed to make it home before the heavens opened and with Noah fast asleep in the pushchair Finley got all his vetch out and played happily while I got a little bit of work done while every now and then helping him to set up the track.
Today has been lovely. They can be hard work and I do sometimes dread going out alone as the can play up but today was a good day. And it was lovely having time just us 3, even though we did miss Mr C. We're very much looking forward to the Easter weekend with him.
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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day. I have done this twice over the last two weeks... Similar distance into our town as you, it's so lovely to walk into town, of course when the children are well behaved. Lovely post to read x

  2. A lovely day you're right. We love a costa trip out together it's always good. Your lunch is a steal! We went yesterday and cost me £16 not cool! X

    1. Lunch can be so expensive! And when they only eat half of it haha. thank you xx

  3. Sounds like a lovely day, really nice to read. Thanks for sharing this and for linking up to #bigfatlinky

  4. Sounds like a fab day to me. We are very much a Costa babyccino household too ... :-)



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