Tuesday 14 April 2015

The day the big changing bag got binned off

For a while now I have been wondering whether to dump the changing bag, get myself a handbag and Noah a backpack. I did this a lot earlier with Finley and I think it was because I knew Noah was coming along so I would have a changing bag again soon. I'm not sure why I get so attached to changing bags but I do lol! May be to do with the fact that with both boys I treated myself to a Pink Lining changing bag. And they are gorgeous! And they are such great bags, I would totally recommend. 
Last weekend I treated myself to a new handbag. With our South Africa trip just around the corner and the fact the boys are staying with their grandparents, I wont have a changing bag to lug my stuff about in I needed something for all my bits and bobs to go in. I have been eyeing up satchel type bags for a while and when I was in Next (my favourite shop) the other day this one caught my eye and at £26 I thought it would be perfect. So I got it home but I still couldn't bring myself to downsize the changing bag!
Then on Friday I did it. I bought Noah a backpack on Amazon. And it obviously had to be a Mr Tumble one as he is obsessed with him. It arrived today and Noah fell in love with it. Even fell asleep holding it on our walk to the supermarket this afternoon. With nothing in it!
After tea this evening I decided now was the time. Why I felt like this was such a big step I don't know. But it was. I'm not sure if its the fact that we may not have any more babies so I may not have a changing bag again or the fact that Noah is no longer a baby. And this would cement that fact.
As I emptied my Pink Lining bag I realised what an awful state it was in. A non sell able state!! The lining is all ripped and its got a look of used to an inch of its life about it.

I had so much in there that I don't need or don't use. There was a baby toy, 2 pairs of trousers when really we only needed one, a winter hat, 2 pairs of gloves, £4 in loose change (1p's, 5p's, 10p's and 20p's) and spare contact lenses for me that were the wrong prescription! After sorting through everything and putting all Noah's things into his new bag and all my things into my new bag it was so obvious this was definitely the right time. I had been lugging a huge changing bag around with me full of useless rubbish.
All we really need is a couple of nappies, wet wipes (the mummy saviour), Sudocrem, a change of clothes. calpol, plasters, first aid kit and some snacks. Oh and a spoon, you never know when you will need a spoon!
And for me I have my purse, umbrella, hairbrush, selfie stick (must have) and Mummy snacks (Nakd bars).
We now have a gorgeous new handbag for Mummy, Finley's George from Peppa Pig backpack and Noah's Mr Tumble backpack. So much more convenient and a lot less stuff. And I strangely feel like a person again. If that makes sense, to have an identity as not just a Mummy.
Today we said goodbye to the last thing baby item in the house and I feel I took a big step to actually accept Noah as a toddler.
But really they will both always be my babies.
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  1. Ahh bless you I am not quite there but will be soon with the changing bag evolving into backpacks. They grow up way too fast but forever our babies indeed. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. #sharewithme



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