Thursday 16 July 2015

10 Reasons I Love The Summer

With a glimpse of sun and my hope that it will now stay for the summer (sorry I have now jinxed it and it is going to rain all of August now) I decided to write a sunny post.

I love the sun and I could sit out in it all day long but my husband is totally the opposite, burns at the slight glimpse of sun and sweats as soon as his head gets out the door lol! 

Since becoming a mum the reasons for loving the summer and the glimpse of sun have changed and I now get excited about the simplest things.

The sun got me thinking about why I love the summer, winter is a close second but summer is my best friend, so I thought I'd share my reasons for the love of summer.

1 - I'm sure every mother can relate, I can put the washing on the line. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my washing flapping in the summer freeze. And that smell of washing once it's dry after being on the washing line - bliss!

2 - Wearing shorts is acceptable even with lily white legs and stretch marks (yes I even got them on my legs!)

3 - The boys can spend their days in the garden! 

4 - Picnics. I just love a good old picnic and the summer means a picnic is always possible and a must on any trip.

5 - Sunglasses are a must. Not sure why but I love wearing my sunglasses. 

6 - Sandals and flip flops, again I just love them! And the boys wearing their doodles I just think it's so adorable.

7 - We don't have to take so much stuff with us. As long as we have a nappy, wet wipes and drinks we can get by, and my purse!

8 - Ice creams. Eating 3 ice creams a day is acceptable in the summer.

9 - Running in the sun. I can go for a run at 8 at night and it's still light. This means I can squeeze in more runs in the summer. 

10 - Cider!! To me I can only drink cider in the sun, drinking it on a cold winters day just isn't right! 

Long live this hot weather and let's hope the sun is here to stay - until the autumn that is.


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  1. I love the summer too....Cider does taste so much better on a warm evening. hehehe

  2. Great list I love the summer and love your reasons too - three ice creams a day is perfectly acceptable! #thelist

  3. Ooh the smell of fresh cut grass, chirping crickets...

  4. I've just discovered Cider and i'm def enjoying one in the sun. Happy summer :) #bigfatlinky

  5. I am totally with you! I love the summer. Sunnies and dress on, being able to go to the park in the sun and hearing the birds chatter and children laughing. Love it. Although I'd have to take Pimms or a glass of wine over cider (I don't think I've drunk that since I was 16)! #bigfatlinky x

  6. Summer rocks! I adore fruit cider, so yummy! Thanks for linking up with #TheList x



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