Tuesday 17 March 2015

Mr C

Over 10 years ago on the 20th November 2004 I met a man. He was an amazing man. We became boyfriend and girlfriend a few weeks later, 6 years later we welcomed our first child into the world, 7 years later we became Mr & Mrs and then 8 years later we completed our family with our second son. I am so thankful for the cold November night when I met Mark. We have travelled the world together, we have laughed, cried and yes we have had some very tough times but we came out the other side and are stronger.
We hadn't been together 2 years and we lost my dear Gramp. He was still young and it was such a hard time for the whole family. And even through we hadn't been together that long he was there for me, holding my hand when I needed it and giving me that cuddle of his when I was sad.
The day we welcomed our first son Finley to the world, was a day I think Mark came into his element. He became a Daddy and what an amazing Daddy he is. He held my hand, rubbed my back and was truly the most amazing birthing partner I could have asked for. There was a point that I was scared of what was happening and I am sure he was too but he didn't show it. He kept strong for me. I watched him come home from work and cradle our first born in his arms, tired from the lack of sleep and working all day, but full of love. And then when our second son Noah entered the world his loved just doubled for our children and grew even more. Seeing him with our two boys really is the best sight in the world.
The day we married was the day that my best friend became my husband. He is everything to me and without him in my life I don't know where I would be. I am so thankful to have him by my side each and every day to get us through the tough journey that is parenthood. I wouldn't want anyone else to share this time with me. He knows when I have had a hard day with the boys by just the look on my face when he walks through the door and he just takes over with them. Just so I can sit down for 2 minutes, or just go for a wee in peace.
We can sit there some evenings not talking. Not because we have had an argument but just because we are tired. But we are so comfortable in the silence of each other and the silence doesn't bother us.
He supports me in all that I do. When my maternity leave finished with Finley I knew I had to go back to work, for financial reasons, but when Noah was born he knew how much I wanted to stay home with them. And he works so hard just so I can stay home with the boys. This is one of the biggest things I am thankful to him for as he understand why I need to do this for me and the boys.
We share the night time wakes and the early morning wake up calls. He will get up every other morning and then every other night to the boys just so I can get some sleep. He doesn't need to do this but he does.
I am sure that I drive him bonkers sometimes, just in the same way that he drives me bonkers sometimes, but we just get one with it and have a laugh along the way.
Parenthood is the hardest thing that we have had to face together and it has made us stronger and the people that we are today.
I love him so much and thank him for the life that he has given me and our children.

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  1. Oh gosh this made me feel quite emotional. A beautiful post about your husband, he sounds lovely and actually made me think of Mr Potty Mouth! Gorgeous. Thanks so much for linking to #countluckystars xx

  2. Awww such a fairy tale story, lovely post about your husband xx

  3. So lovely and moving - you guys are lucky to have each other! x #twinklytuesday


  4. This is so lovely. Reading this is exactly how I feel about my other half. We are not married yet but everything else is the same. I went through a huge ordeal when I was half way through my pregnancy and my dad was terminally ill - my other half was the most amazing person, I couldn't have asked for a better man to be supporting me through such a horrendous time. I don't think I tell him enough but he us fab :) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday



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