Wednesday 4 March 2015

Too organised for my own good??

There are people that go through life and wing everyday life, like my husband that does not plan his social life, just goes with the flow (I hate that saying) And there are people that plan, write lists, write lists to write lists and organise everything in everyday.
I am that overly organised person.
If I do not plan our week a week in advance I get really on edge thinking about what we are going to be doing. I like to have a plan of what we are going to do everyday, even if we are planning to stay at home one day, I have to have that in the plan.
My Trusty Calendar
The other thing I need to do is write a menu for the week, sometimes 2 weeks at a time. I will do this when I do the food shopping so that I know what to buy and so I know that I will not buy things that will get wasted. I have this menu on the 5th space on our calendar.

Staying with our calendar I have to write every little event down. Birthdays, playdates, meetings, appointments - everything! Otherwise I will forget and I have to have it written down to remember. My husband is always telling me to just use the calendar on my iPhone but I don't feel very organised not having it written down.

Also with having everything written down when I am doing the menu for the week I can tell when we will be home and what type of meal to cook, slow cooked meal, quick meal or meal from scratch on the day. As I write this and read it back I'm thinking OCD!! lol!


I also write lists for, as you can probably tell already, everything! I will write a list of what housework chores and things I need to get done that day and cross them off as they are completed. I have a shopping list on my phone and on a notepad in the kitchen.

I have just started to do a little work for my husband. Now this is where my lists come into their own. I bought myself a gorgeous notepad that I'm sure once I've finished with it it'll just look a big mess. I make a list of things that I want to get done that day in the role that I do. Its not a huge role and if anyone else knew what I did and knew the lists I make they would laugh at me. But in my life I NEED to be organised otherwise I wouldn't survive the day! I also have lists of log ins to different websites that I work on, yes they are mostly all the same email and password log in but I need them written down. I also write down the hours I do, again these aren't huge hours and I could remember them in my head I am sure but its another list to make me happy!

Wedding planning

When we set a date for our wedding the first thing I did was to go out and buy a wedding planner. This way I could get on top of the organising as well as work part time, run a home and look after a little baby (Finley). I loved my planner and I wrote everything down! I think if I was to look at it now I would not have a clue what is written but at the time it made me feel organised. If my husband asked me anything to do with the wedding, out would come my planner and I could answer any of his questions. Any appointments I had regards to the wedding my planner would make an appearance.

Everyday Organisation

Every night I will get the boys clothes out ready for the morning. Whether we have plans to leave the house early or whether we are staying in our pj's until 10am, I like to have their clothes out, including vests, socks and pants. I also like to have my changing bag always stocked. I tend to re stock it every time we get home. Just in case one day we have to shoot out the door. It hasn't happened yet but I am sure one day it will and I will be ready!

And my changing bag is well stocked with everything. There are some things in there that have never been used and I don't think will ever be used but you never know when you will need it! I have a pair of slipper socks in there, this may seem strange to some people but I love slipper so whenever I go to a friends house out come my slippers!

If we have a day out planned I will have snacks, spare clothes, wellies and all in one rain suits (even in the summer) packed into a bag ready to go with us. In my car I always have a sun ten, 2 travel highchairs, a potty, a raincoat, blankets and a foot pump!

Just call me Mrs Organised or you could call me crazy!

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