Monday 2 March 2015

When did he get so grown up?!

Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed a big change in Finley. He will be 3 1/2 at the end of this month and even the change in 6 months has been huge - in his appearance as well as his attitude.
The last couple of weeks he has cranked up the tantrums in public with our latest one being in the middle of T K Maxx (because he wanted a new toy and I had said no). I was pretty pleased with how I coped, I stayed calm and collected, tried having a little chat with him but when that didn't work I went out of the shop. I nearly gave in to his demand for a new toy, just to calm the situation down, but thought if I caved this time then he will think he can throw these fantastic tantrum and get what he wants.
Another difference has been his attention span. Finley has never been one to stay with an activity for more than 10 minutes as he would always get bored and leave what he was doing for mummy to clear up and go to the next activity. But the past month or so he has started to play with toys, like his vetch set, for a long period of time. Also if we are having some quiet time he will sit and watch a television programme for the whole thing. Yes they are mostly 15-20 minutes long but this is a huge step forward for Finley.

He has always loved pre school so when his hours upped in January to incorporate his 15 hours he had no problem with it. But some of the things he comes out with is like I am listening to a very self conscious teenager! He asked me the other day why he had to wear tracksuit bottoms to pre school as no other children did, they wore jeans. Then he asked if we could drive to pre school rather than walk as all the other children went in cars! If he is like this at pre school I dread to think what he'll be like at school...
The attention he shows his younger brother, Noah, has also increased. He tries to interact with him a lot more. The other day as I was getting ready he was asking Noah to find things within and book and when Noah was getting it wrong he was pointing to the correct answer and asking him again. Then in the bath this evening he was trying to teach him different words.

I like to make sure we get out the house once a day, even if it is just popping to the shops, for the fresh air and to stop the cabin fever. On our walks he has stopped using the buggy board as much and will walk along side me without me having to badger him all the time to stay close (and he is loving his bike and scooter).

Yes I am finding this age the hardest we have had yet but it is also one of the best as he is so much more aware and so much fun. His imagination is fantastic. The one thing I am finding really hard is the independence. He loves a cuddle and loves to play with us all but he is also starting to like to play independently and do things by himself, without mummy :o(
My baby is growing up and I just have to take it in my stride and be pleased with what a gorgeous and fantastic little boy he is growing into.


  1. aw lovely post, he is a little cutie. I love watching my children grow, although they will always be my babys x #MummyMondays

  2. Ahh bless him they really do grow so fast don't they? I can't believe how fast my two are growing up lately and it makes me sad that this time I have with them at home is going fast too and soon will be in school and over. I know I will feel the empty nest syndrome for sure. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  3. I always find it scary when you notice a big leap of age. Amelia has just turned 18months and the last couple of weeks I think she looks so much more grown up. Scary how fast it goes. Thanks so much for linking up hope to see you again tomorrow!! #MummyMonday xx

  4. I hate these moments when you don't know whether to feel proud of who they are becoming or sad of the baby they are leaving behind. This age is the worst for it too as it is when you can really see them becoming little people rather than dependent little babies :(



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