Friday 6 March 2015

Hooray!! The garden toys are out!

So this happened today, the first outing of the garden toys this year! Wahoo!! Anyone that knows me will know why I am so excited about this. My boys love the outdoors and in the summer months we spend most days in the garden and also into the autumn months too. As you can tell by the photos, I am not a gardener. I do try but I fail magnificently each year! I go out at the first sign of no frost and buy plants, lots of them. I then go out and water them each evening, tell all my friends how much I love all our lovely plants and then some how they all die at the end of the summer. I plan to try again this year and you never know this may be the year I crack the gardening! 

As all the toys have been in hiding - in the sheds, conservatory and play house we had to have them ALL out today!

We also had the shopping trolley and pushchair from inside out in the garden. As it was still a bit chilly I wrapped the boys up. Finley was darting from toy to toy like it was the first time he had seen or played with it. He was jumping on the trampoline like no tomorrow and just having so much fun. The look on his face took me straight back to last year and reminded me why we spent so much time in the garden. 

Noah was only just walking last summer so didn't really get to experience the garden properly. He would sit in the cosy coupe and watch Finley play or he would sit on the scuttle bug and scoot up and down. But this year Noah is old enough to enjoy the garden as much as Finley does and today showed he will be a garden boy just like his brother. He sat in the cosy coupe, getting out every now and then to fill it up with the play petrol station. He then found the house which he was in and out of. I haven't yet got the sand out, I can't quite cope with that just yet, lol.

Finley was bought a trampoline for his 2nd birthday by my Mum and Nan. He loves it and as like last summer I know he will spend most of his time in there. It is also a great energy burner as I am sure he slept so much better in the summer.

I am very lucky with how our house is laid out and the fact we have a conservatory. I am able to either sit in the conservatory with tea in hand or I can be in the kitchen pottering about and I can still see what they are doing.

So hooray for the start of Spring which I think has begun and long live the sun - got a feeling this summer is going to be great.

Mami 2 Five

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  1. Oh, what a fun day! It looks so inviting with all the toys displayed to play outside, and your little ones are having such a great time!



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