Tuesday 10 March 2015

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you to Rachel over at Mummy In Training for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I didn't know about the award so I googled it and found out that it is given to you by fellow bloggers.

So to start here is 7 facts about me:

1. I went travelling when I was 18 years old with my now husband for 3 months to Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, America and Mexico.

2. I love to bake and when I do bake I don't just make one thing I literally bake a whole bakery!

3. I have 2 sons, Finley and Noah, and they are my entire world. I have always wanted to be a mummy and they made my dreams come true.

4. In the past year I have lost 2 stone which I am really proud of myself for. I have always been rubbish at dieting so I started on Slim Fast and went from there. I am the happiest about myself that I have ever been.

5. I love Costa, not sure why but I am obsessed with a Costa Coffee. So much so I swapped my Dolce Gusto for a Tassimo so I could make Costa's at home.

6. I have been with my husband over 10 years, since I was 17. It took him 6 years to propose but once he did we got married and had the boys within 3 years!

7. I did a sky dive when I was 18 in New Zealand and loved it - I would do another one if I got the chance.

How to nominate 10 lovely blogger for the One Lovely Blog Award. Here they are with a link to their blogs that I love:

Crafty Mama
Misunderstood Mummy
Gemma The Family Girl
The Moderate Mum
First Time Mummy
Mummy Of Boy Girl Twins
Lets Talk Mummy
Brummy Mummy of 2
Running in Lavender

Now how it works:

Thank the blogger who gave you the award, Share 7 facts about yourself and nominate 10 blogger for the award.
The List


  1. Thank you for nominating me. These tags are great to get to know everyone. Some great facts there. Well done for losing 2 stone. I keep failing at dieting. :(

  2. I love you boys names! Also love your commitment to the Costa ;) Thanks for me nomination hun.

  3. Thanks for nominating me lovey, well done for losing 2 stone, that is amazing! :) xxxx

  4. Such a lovely post, Sky diving! You are very brave! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x



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