Wednesday 11 March 2015

My Ordinary Moment #6

We haven't done that much in the last week as my husband was away at the end of last week. So we have had pre school and friends over for play and coffee dates but that is about it. I didn't plan too much as the boys have been a little under the weather and not sleeping great so I knew I would probably be a little tired. But we did plan that on the Friday we would go over to my Nans house to have lunch with her and to get us all out the house while Daddy was away.

Friday came I was so tired as I thought I would be, I had had 5 hours broken sleep as Noah had a tooth cutting through so wouldn't settle past 11pm then was awake in my bed hitting me in the face at 5.30am - far too early for my liking! So off we went to Nans house at 10am once we were all dressed and ready. The boys love my Nan just as much as I do so they were so excited to be going over to see her, so was I.

My Ordinary Moment this week is one at her house during snack time. The boys were complaining they were hungry (nothing new there) and I remembered I had some dried mango for them to try. So out came the snack and it kept them quite for about 15 minutes. Noah perched on Nans lap and Finley found himself a seat in the armchair. And this scene melted my heart.

My Nan means the world to me and she was always the one I would go to when I was younger when my parents had told me off or when I just needed some time out. She lived 2 minute away so the perfect hideout. So this right here is what I want for my boys - someone they feel comfortable and safe with and luckily my Nan is one of those people. We don't live that close so they wont be able to just go round the road but she is always on the end of the phone, may an ipad one day lol. I know they are still small but she has been a huge part of their lives so far and long may that continue as I couldn't ask for a better lady for my boys to call Great Nanny.


  1. How lovely. I'm afraid my children won't get to meet a 'great granny' of their own, but my Nan was incredibly important to me as I grew up - and looked after me so much (as both my parents worked but couldn't afford childcare). As an adult I realise the times was really important to her too (as she had lost a baby girl, long before they were any support networks out there for that). #mummymonday

  2. Food always works wonders for keeping Amelia quiet too hehe! The little things! Thank you so much for linking up to #MummyMonday hope to see you again tomorrow!xx



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