Monday 30 March 2015

Shopping, Wine and Giggles

This weekend I got to go on a girlie shopping trip to Bath. We planned to go on the train as this would mean we could have a few glasses of wine with our lunch and we also wouldn't have to worry about parking charges. I was pretty excited as I can't remember the last child free shopping trip I have been on.
We planned to get the 10.47am train, the train takes about 10 minutes so we would have been in Bath by 11. The trains had other ideas though. The train was delayed for 30 minutes due to earlier train line problems. This didn't dampen our spirits it just meant we could get in our first coffee of the trip and also take a selfie.

Once the train had eventually arrived we were on our way. We luckily got a seat so had a quiet 10 minute before our busy shopping trip. There was a lot of shopping to be done! Our first stop was Primark! My hubby and I are heading off to South Africa in April with his work so I needed to get a few summery bits. And Primark was definitely the place. Thankfully I picked up a basket on my way in as after being there half an hour I had filled the basket with loads of clothes and 3 pairs of shoes! At £6 a pair of sandals they couldn't be refused!
I needed to try on the clothes as I find the clothes sizes in Primark to be a bit hit and miss and also some things look great on the hanger but not so when on. I took in my trusty personal shopper in the shape of my best friend as she will tell the truth. And I can tell by her face if she like it or not so she's the best shopping buddy. Out of the 12 items I took in I came away with 6 of them. And one of the items was this green skirt for £1!!
After our hour in Primark we were pretty hungry so we headed to a lovely pub called The Westgate. It is situated just down one of the little streets just off of the main high street and it really is a hidden gem. It very cosy with lots of sofas and tub chairs. The walls were covered in a selection of gorgeous wallpapers and lots of cupboards holding some gorgeous ornaments. We headed upstairs and found ourselves a table. After studying the menu we ordered our food and waited for our wine to arrive. And it was certainly well deserved after our Primark haul!
While waiting for our food to arrive we chatted and laugh and just generally enjoyed our child free time. With these two girls I can talk about anything and we do. And when our food did arrive it was well worth the wait as we it was amazing! I opted for the chicken burger with bacon, lettuce and guacamole with a side of fries.
Once we had refuelled and finished our second glass of wine, we paid the bill and headed off to some more shopping. First stop after lunch was Dorothy Perkins. And as usual I headed straight for the sale section. I managed to get some harem trousers for £7 which I have been eyeing up for a while with the plane journey in mind.
From here we went to H&M. I absolutely love it in there! But I didn't actually get anything in there but I did try on a few bits. One being this hat!
I haven't laughed as much as I did on Saturday in ages. Just about the most random things. All three of us have the same humour so we laugh at the same things and know what each other is thinking. We were laughing at just the look one of us was giving something or someone. 
New Look was the next stop where I got some shorts, the same as the ones I wore most of last summer as they are so comfy and go with everything. By this point we were all shopped out and coffee was needed. And I needed Costa, and cake! So we went back to the top of town and headed in for coffee. We sat around a table drinking coffee, eating cake and talking over the day and our purchases. There was also some silences which weren't at all uncomfortable as we are all so comfortable in each others company. And talking about the most random things I wont bore you with!
We had been in Bath for 4 1/2 hours but it hadn't felt that long. We made our way back to the train station. Just as we got to the platform our train pulled up. Perfect timing. Jumping on the train, with sore feet from all the walking but still happy from such a fantastic day we made our way home.
As the hubby had taken the boys to see his parent at the seaside I hadn't felt the feeling to rush home to them as I knew they were having fun. And this was great as I just got to enjoy myself and take my time. I arrived home at the same time as them and I couldn't wait to give them a huge hug.
Having my own time is great but coming home to my little family is the greatest feeling in the world!

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