Wednesday 25 March 2015

Point + Shoot 24/03/2015

So this past weekend was a great one. It was jam packed with so much stuff and we were so busy but it was lovely. I started the weekend with a run in the sun. The longest run I have done, ever! I was pretty proud of myself and with the Race for Life 10k not that far away I thought I had better get cracking.

After I had recovered and made myself look presentable me and the boys were off to my Mums as, along with my Nan, she was going to be looking after the boys while I went to see an old school friend who had just had a baby. I had amazing tiny baby cuddles. Then once back at home we had a little bit of time before the sun disappeared for some garden fun.

Saturday was then finished off with a great evening with two fantastic friends watching Magic Mike, drinking wine and eating so much yummy food.

Sunday was a day I had been looking forward to for a while. We were off with some friends to a Lambing Weekend at Lackham College not too far from our house. To get to the farm we had to wait for a tractor ride. We had to wait about 30 minutes which with 2 toddlers wasn't the best but the tractor ride made the wait worth it. The boys loved it! And we obviously had to take a selfie.

The first stop on the event was to the lambs. This is where I got to hold a lamb! As soon as someone said there was a lady with a lamb letting you hold them I was there like a shot. Finley got to have a little pet of the lamb and in the lamb sheds he rushed from pen to pen oooing and ohhing at how gorgeous the lambs were. Noah wasn't too keen on them and wouldn't really go close to them, just watched them from a distance.

After washing our hands we headed outside the sheep shed and just next to them was a Tractor Ted bouncy castle. Well Finley obviously had to have a turn, it was £1 for 3 minutes which wasn't too bad. And also it gave him a time limit so it would be easier to prize him off the bouncy castle.

After a quick refreshment break which consisted of doughnuts for the adults and cheese sandwiches for the kids we were back on the tractor to get to the next part of the event. We again had to wait to get on the tractor but it wasn't too bad as we had the sheep for the kids to look at and some snacks to tide over the waiting time.

On the tractor we were followed by another tractor and the boys loved it! Finley thought it was chasing us which was great fun for him.

At the next stop we were greeted by some chickens and then just a little bit further on there was a Shetland pony and some donkeys. Noah is a little bit of a wimp with animals so wasn't too keen on them but Finley was straight on the hay bail to feed and pet them.

After the donkeys we headed into another a shed with a set of pens in where there were guinea pigs, geese, a giant rabbit and some pigs with piglets, peppas as Finley called them. We didn't spend too long in there as there wasn't a great deal of space and there was a steady flow of people coming through off the tractor rides. Outside of these sheds there were some cows. These once again Noah hated! But Finley was fascinated by them and they were huge!

By now my hubby and I were getting hungry so he queued up to get us a burger (I know this is terrible after just seeing the cows) and I took the boys off to the big bouncy castle and the merry go round. These were all great value which is something you don't find that often at events like this so I was pleasantly surprised.

The boys were getting tired from all the walking we had done and so was our friends little girl so we went back to the tractor which would take us back to the car. Here Noah had a huge tantrum. It's always quite embarrassing when you have children the same age around you behaving so well but they all have their moments, I keep telling myself haha.
Before we had even left the car park the boys were fast asleep!

At home we all snuggled on the sofa while my hubby took the car to be washed and I then went for another run, this time a little further.

It was a very tiring weekend but so so worth it to capture so many lovely photos and to see the boys faces.

I'm linking up with Emma at Snowing in doors and Aby at You Baby Me Mummy for this weeks Point + Shoot.

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  1. What a busy weekend, looks like lots of fun!

    Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot

  2. Wow ... all the best with your upcoming 10K run! You're one brave woman.

    It's so lovely that farms do allow visits. We haven't been yet but reading about how much fun you all had is very encouraging. Thanks for sharing. #PointShoot

    1. Thank you - I've hit a barrier at 8k, 2 months to push through. xx



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