Wednesday 25 March 2015

The day illness caught up with us

Today has been a day that all mothers (and fathers) dread. Finley was poorly. We started to day off as all our Wednesdays do - breakfast, lunchboxes to fill, dressed and off to pre school we went at 8.20. Finley had had a full nights sleep (this is very rare) and was full of beans and was showing no signs of illness. So I dropped him off at 8.45, then off Noah and I went to a playgroup with a friend in a town about 20 minutes from where we live. I don't travel too far from pre school as I like to be close in case I need to get there - like today! And it was typical that it was a 10 minute walk to my car and a 20 minute drive away! I wouldn't have gone that far if I had thought he was ill. But he must have gone down hill really quickly.

My phone went at 10 as we had just got seated in the playgroup and it was the pre schools number. Well panic rushed through me even before I had answered the phone just from the number. I answered and they explained that Finley had been complaining he had been tired and was very lethargic. He had played for about 10 minutes and then taken himself off to the sofa for a lie down. This is not like Finley at all. And the fact it was onesie day and that he had been so excited about it this, was a sure sign something was not right. They said they had taken him temperature and it was on the high side. Before they had even suggested coming to pick him up I was gathering our stuff, and Noah, to go and get him. Poor Noah had an almighty strop as we had just got to the playgroup with all these toys and I was now taking him away. Don't blame him really.

I told them I was about 30 minutes away and they told me not to rush but I have never walked so fast up a hill to get to my car. I just needed to be with Finley, I knew there was nothing to panic about but as he was poorly I wanted to be the one to hug him and make him feel better.

I am sure the cars in front of me knew I needed to be somewhere and slowed right down. The journey took forever! But I finally got there to find Finley was fast asleep on the pre schools sofa. With all the other children playing around him and all the hustle and bustle of the pre school and he was flat out. The pre school teachers kindly helped me to the car as I had Noah as well as a sleeping Finley and his bags.

And as I got him in my arms I was relieved. We got home and he just wanted to lie on the sofa at home. I sat with him with his head on my lap and just stroked his hair. Even though he is poorly I cherish this close time with him. He went back off to sleep, while Noah was thrusting cars into his face but he felt so poorly he didn't care.

Its very hard having one child who is poorly but having a child who is poorly and a 19 month old who just wants your attention is even harder.

It got to lunchtime and Finley was awake so I thought we would try lunch. He didn't have the energy to move so I set him up a picnic in the living room. And the poor thing didn't even have the energy to sit so he led down eating his ham wrap. Then back to the sofa he went for a sleep. Finley doesn't sleep in the day so this is just not like him and I didn't like it.

I kept checking his temperature and he had had Calpol and Ibroprofen but his temperature was just not budging. He was very restless as we all are when we are ill and didn't know what to do with himself.

So I called the doctor.

I needed to for my piece of mind. A very lovely nurse answered, I told her what was wrong and she booked an appointment for 5 minute time. In the car we jumped and off to the doctors. We waited for about 20 minutes with Noah playing on the much loved beads but Finley just led on my lap.

We got called in and the doctor we saw was lovely. He was great with Finley, he listened to me and wasn't patronising. He checked him over and said one ear was a little red and his glands were up but he thinks it may be a virus and he wasn't to keen to give antibiotics just yet. But he said if at any time I was worried to just call 111 or if in the morning I wanted them to see him again to just call and they would book him in. He ended with telling me to not think I would be being a pain and if I was worried to just call. These are the doctors that put my faith back in doctors, that take the time to check everything knowing my sons are my world.

My mind was at ease and we set off home. But then on the way home he was sick everywhere in the car! Thank goodness we weren't far from home. After a call to my hubby and a quick drive home we were in home, cleaned up and Finley was feeling a little better. I think it was the high temperature that made me sick. 

He had a little bit of tea, and then took his place back on the sofa. After a nice bath and a story from daddy he is tucked up in bed with me hoping for a good night for us all.

I really do hate seeing him poorly and feel so helpless.
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  1. Ah bless him, it's so horrible when they are unwell isn't it! Your doctor sounds amazing, mine is also pretty good but you do hear some stories don't you! Glad he helped you feel better. Hope Finley is feeling better soon xxxx

  2. The poor little thing, hopefully he bounces back soon.

  3. Aww! Bless him! The poor little thing....I hope he is feeling better soon x

  4. I hate it when they are ill! I also have a Finley, he's almost 11 eek, not sure where that time has gone! He's a type 1 diabetic so I panic at the sound of my phone ringing during the day! When he's ill it's usually 2 hourly blood tests all through the night sometimes involves hospital stays and drips (arghh) and a complete nightmare, whereas when his little brother is ill he very rarely has anything for more than a few hours, and I owuld love to have his immune system!!
    You did the right thing going to the Dr's, I always think its better to feel a little bit silly than risk it, and if we hadn't done the same with my eldest he would most likely have died.
    I hope your Finley is feeling better now! Stevie x

    1. Its the worst when they are ill. Sorry to hear about your Finey, that must be terrible, always worrying. xx

  5. aww it's so horrible when they are ill and you are not sure what to do. Sounds like you did everything right though. Doctors are so cautious with little ones so puts your mind at ease. Bet the little puke cleared him out a bit and he's now on the road to recovery. Hope you all ok now xx #bigfatlinky xx

  6. I hope he is feeling better and he doesn't get sick for awhile. I hate it when my kids are ill it makes me feel so helpless.

    1. Feeling lots better now - I hope hes not ill all summer now xx

  7. oh god it's just awful when they are sick isn't it. Glad you had such a great doctor and that things were ok. Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky



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