Monday 16 March 2015

The Ordinary Moments #7

When Mark, my now husband, and I were looking for a house 8 years ago we decided to look near to where he worked and for me to commute, as the house prices were a lot cheaper and we could get more for our money. It did mean moving about half an hour away from my Mum but I could live with that's. But then my Mum and Dad's divorce was going through which meant their house needed to be sold. So once it had sold my Mum moved in with her Partner. The only thing was that this was over an hour away from us. We always made sure that we saw each other at the weekend be it for a girlie shopping trip on Saturday or a family Sunday lunch.
But then when the boys came along I found it really tough being so far away from her. And as she worked full time I couldn't just jump in the car to see her but luckily she was on the end of the phone and I think some days she got about 10 phone calls from me. They have since moved to a bungalow which is a lot easier for us to get to and they are doing it up.
We decided that this Mothers Day rather than going out (as quite frankly a Sunday lunch out is no fun with my fussy, ants in their pants boys) we would stay in and have a family gathering at hers. And it was perfect. We headed over there once Finley had finished football, picking up my nan on the way, with presents, flowers and cakes. We got there about lunchtime and Mum was just starting to get the food ready, we sat down about 1 to a gorgeous lunch, banquet even! I didn't take a photo as I was far to busy eating!

Noah enjoying his lunch (this is all he eats as well as sausage rolls)

There was jacket potatoes, ham, cheese, sausage rolls (which I had already pinched a few of) salad, Nan's homemade quiche, coleslaw, I could go on! The boys were very well behaved so lunch for once was a very pleasant experience. Then it was followed by a selection of puddings. Ice cream, Nan's homemade apple pie, trifle and tiramisu. I was stuffed!
After lunch we took my Mum's dog, the legendary Mikey, for a walk. Finley taking his lead and Noah in the pushchair in the hope he would go to sleep.

Well Noah didn't nap and poor Finley fell over. So we headed back to Mum's for a lovely cup of tea, about the 10th of the day, and my homemade strawberry cake. How I was fitting all this food in I don't know.

Noah obviously had to help my Nan eat hers
Once eating everyone else's the boys had theirs
My husband Then went off to the supermarket to get milk and popcorn (random!) and returned with a pick n mix. I obviously had to eat it as he had been kind enough to buy it for me, haha! The hardship!
At 5.30 I made the boys tea, which I knew would only get half eaten after everything they had eaten during the day. By 6.15 we were getting them showered and into their pj's ready to head home. We got home about 8 after dropping my Nan home, I was exhausted but so happy. It had been one of the best Mothers Days and I had got to spend an entire day with my Mum, Nan and the boys. Not forgetting the hubby and my Mum's partner who is great.
We got to eat, laugh and just spend some quality time together.

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  1. Such lovely photos, I love the last one x

  2. It sounds like a perfect family day- I love that you ate all day- that's so the kind of thing I would do- I don't seem to have an off switch haha! x

  3. Sounds lovely! My Mum lives 6 doors away and I don't know how I would've coped without her since having Archie, must have been difficult for you. We always need our Mummy's. #PointShoot

  4. I'm glad you had such a fab day!

    Thanks for joining in with Point + Shoot xx



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