Friday 14 August 2015

10 Things You Say That Make You Realise Your A Parent

There are certain things I say which I then think 'Did I really just say that?' and then I realise this is what parents say. If anyone heard me saying any of these and didn't see one of the boys stood next to me they would think I was a little bonkers.
So here are 10 things we say that makes us realise we are parents:
1. 'Do you need a wee/poo?'
2. 'Stop picking your nose, please' Small holes and toddlers, they just love them don't they!
3. 'Please take your hand out of your trousers' Probably more relevant to mums of boys.
4. 'If you play with your willy much more it will fall off' Again Mums of boys.
5. 'You can wash my car wheel as you wee' When your in a car park and your toddler needs to wee right NOW this is the only way!
6. 'Please stop poking your brother in the eye'
7. 'Please pull your trousers back up' Not funny when your in the middle of a supermarket!
8. 'Look where your going please' I am constantly saying this when Finley is on his bike as he likes to watch his feet.
9. 'Take your fingers out of your mouth please' What is it with toddlers and putting their hands in their mouths, especially after saying point number 3 or 4.
10. 'Please don't eat the sand' Noah does this all the time, why? I don't know but it makes for nasty nappies!
I expect all parents have said at least one of the at least one millions times in one day!
Noah and sand do not go well together!

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  1. No 5 has just made me laugh out loud!! I have said most of these especially stop picking your nose/messing with your willy, etc! The joys of boys #TheList xx

  2. Don't put it in your mouth is a favourite of mine... No matter what it is, just straight in the boy's mouth!

  3. Oh the amount of times a day I hear myself saying "Take your hand out of your pants"! Glad to know it's not just me! #TheList

  4. haha I think some of these are for boys!! Saying that the grem sticks her hands down her nappy! haha x #picnmix

  5. Haha this is great!! Boys are fab aren't they?! My boy is the same bless him x

  6. Hahaa!! Number 1 is used sooooo much in this house with all the desperate wee dancing that goes on.

  7. I am nodding all the way! #picknmix

  8. My boys are 9 and 11 and I would love to be able to tell you they get less obsessed with their boy parts...... ;)

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix hon,
    Stevie xx

  9. Oh god this made me laugh so much lol xxx

  10. Ha ha, yes, especially number 1. And 'Say byebye to your winky' as we do the baby's nappy up. And he waves. #bigfatlinky

  11. I say number 1 ALL THE TIME!!!! They do say and do the most random things that then make us do the same!!!

  12. Brilliant! "Stop licking your sister!" is the one I say most.
    Thanks for sharing on #SundayStars
    Karen (

  13. Hands out of pants / trousers up please / we dont need to see your bum; hourly in this household! #wineandboobs

  14. Yes to most! Usually can you take your finger out of my mouth! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  15. 1, 2, 4 and 8 are very common phrases said (screamed) in our household. I think it is a boy thing ;) #wineandboobs



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