Tuesday 25 August 2015

The Bus Ride

Last Thursday we had plans to have lunch in town with a friend and then head to the park. I would normally have driven but as Wednesday had been a total washout we needed to get out so we walked. It's a good 30 minute walk, up a huge hill but then down the other side. Finley walked nearly all the way and I had promised we would get the bus home. We have been on a bus before for not for a while.

When I first suggested this they were both so excited. Noah proceeded to sing 'The wheels on the bus'. So after lunch and a play in the park we headed to the bus station.

So we got to the bus station and I had done my research so knew which bus we needed but not which bus stop number to go to. So I scanned all the timetables until I found the right bus we needed to get on.

We were about 10 minutes early and a kind lady gave her seat to Finley, which I thought was very sweet of her. Finley was pretty excited to be sitting in the bus station seeing all the buses and so was Noah. He was asking a million and one questions which I didn't mind answering as he couldn't wait to get on the bus.

A bus arrived into the bus stop that our bus was going from but it had 'Out Of Service' on its screen but loads of people were getting on it. So we made our way over and I asked the driver if it took us to Sainsburys, which is the nearest bus stop to our house. He was pretty rude and grunted along with nodding his head so I took it that it did as he let us on. Also he told me it was £2 and tutted at me giving him a £10 note. Oh well this didn't bother Finley or Noah so that was the main thing.

I had to laugh because as I was putting the brake on the pushchair and getting Noah positioned Finley had got himself into the seat and was putting his seat belt on. He asked me to put it on and told me 'I'm safe now aren't I Mummy!'. I had to giggle as his excited little face that couldn't wait for the bus to move. I looked around as everyone could hear his excitement and Noah's singing and smiled but was greeted with straight faces or ignorance. Not to sure why people are like this but its sad when you feel you cant even greet someone with a smile. Maybe I am just too friendly.

Loving the bus

Happy Chappy
Finley was still asking questions and was asking about the bell. I told him you only press it when you want to stop. He turned around to look at it and the lady behind him told him in a very stern voice 'No!'. This made him sit back down very abruptly and I was a little annoyed as he hadn't actually gone to touch it. 

When we started to move the boys faces were a picture, it was like they had never been on a bus before. Finley was so excited to be sat in his own seat and had asked if I had my seat belt on, then looked around the rest of the bus to see if others had theirs on too. Thankfully he didn't ask anyone as I don't think he would have got a response.

When we approached the next stop there was a lady with a pushchair with a newborn in and a little girl. I got up and moved next to Finley and squeezed in the buggy in front of so she could get on. The lady behind had moved and a little girl sat there while her mum sat with the pushchair and baby. The lady then muttered, rather loudly, 'I moved for an older person and a younger one sat there.' The girl wasn't older than about 8 so didn't want to sit too far from her Mum. Not sure why some people have to be so mean and rude.


Noah loved watching the world go by.
The boys were enjoying themselves and Noah was singing his song. We were about 5 minutes from our stop when I turned round and next to me Finley was asleep. All the excitement had tired him out.

Sleepy head
I had promised he could press the button so I woke him up so he could, and also we needed to get off the bus. Normally it takes a while for him to wake up properly but with the question of pressing the button he woke up instantly.

He pressed the button and 2 minutes later we got off the bus. I think the bus driver was a wannabe racing car driver as he took the corners and roundabouts rather quickly. Despite this the boys absolutely loved it and it was the best £2 I spent that day!
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  1. Ah from Finley's face I thought he had been a little tinker but sounds like they were good as gold. There are some funny people out and about aren't there? I would have been really annoyed at someone telling my girl off when she wasn't even touching the button. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see u soon xx

  2. Ah from Finley's face I thought he had been a little tinker but sounds like they were good as gold. There are some funny people out and about aren't there? I would have been really annoyed at someone telling my girl off when she wasn't even touching the button. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see u soon xx

  3. Ah, such an adventure. I keep promising Oliver a trip on the bus, must out it on my to do list!! I have no idea why people have to be so sullen all the time, also saying 'no' to your boy was just rude! Noah's little face is just too cute!
    Becky xx

  4. People are so grumpy sometimes and can completely ruin the moment eh! Glad you all had a good time despite this though! :) Thanks for linking with #famjamlinky

  5. Aww, their happy little face are so cute! It's a shame people on the bus were so grumpy, maybe a bad day? We often have smiley people, but we're in a small town. However I get annoyed when my boys say hi or wave to people and get no response, some folk just blank them and keep walking or even walk into them! It's like they don't even see them! Oh well, keep smiling and hopefully someone will smile back! :) xx

  6. Oh and thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather :) x

  7. Bless him for falling asleep! Zach absolutely loves going on the bus and does so if ever the other half does the nursery run! It makes him so happy and if I then pick him up in the car, he moans that he's not getting the bus! It's the little things that make them so happy! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  8. My son absolutely loves the bus. It's his favourite thing in the world. Good job too because I don't drive and we get the bus a lot. Over all we are quite lucky and only get the odd grumpy person every now and then. Most of the time people are smile and polite. What a shame you came across such a grump. Mind you saying that we had a really grumpy bus driver too. Must be the horrible weather putting everyone in a bad mood.

  9. Oh my gosh how horrible that the lady and driver were so grumpy. There is really no need for people to be like this and how dare the lady tell your son off. I'm glad they still enjoyed their journey though. It sounds like they had a great time. Thank you so much for linking this up to #whatevertheweather x

  10. Aw they look so happy despite other people being grumpy!

    Thanks for linking up with #toddlerapprovedtuesday x



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