Monday 3 August 2015

6 Things I Do To Irritate My Other Half

I have been tagged by Nigel at DIY Daddy for his new tag '6 Things I Do To Irritate My Other Half'. You can read Nigel's post here which is great as my husband does most of the things on his list, maybe its a man thing.
So here goes:

1. When we are watching a programme together I sometimes spend half the time on my phone and then ask a million and one questions as it finishes.

2. When its my turn to get up in the morning I tell the boys to get into bed with us, just so I can get a few more minutes zzzz's. Then when its his morning to get up I nag him to get up - naughty mummy!

3. I call him at work sometimes with really useless information which can wait until he gets home or to just have a chat. Which he proceeds to tell me, in a nice way, that he is very busy and he will talk to me later.

4. When we get into bed I put my head right to the edge of the pillow in the middle of the bed so when he turns around my face is right in his lol!!

5. As soon as he walks through the door I'm in his face telling him all about our day and everything, I mean everything, that has happened. This is what happens when I have a day of just me and the boys. A toddlers conversation gets a little tedious when its all about peppa pig and the little charmers (Finley's new favourite programme).

6. When I eat all the biscuits. I can understand why this would irritate him lol!

Come and join in with this fab tag, I now nominate:

And then the fun began...

The List


  1. haha I used to do the call thing before my hubbt started working from home!! x

  2. Ha funny! Yes I'm always the one on the iPad asking hubby questions about TV!! Thanks for tagging me!! X

  3. Lol great list I too am guilty of many if the same. Thanks so much for the tag!

  4. Si doesn't eat biscuits....makes me love him more not having to share ;) Thanks for the tag lovely,

    Stevie xx

  5. This is really funny! What a great idea for a post!! I think my list would be really really really long!
    I have a link up on my blog going through til Friday if you'd like to share this or another post!

  6. I think my husband would probably say that me not checking the fridge door is shut properly or having in the past not checked the front door is shut properly/at all (a kindly neighbour shut if for us after I'd gone!) would be right up there! Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout X

  7. #5 is me! I have to remind myself, "Step back, we have 5 children who are also excited to see their Dad, too. And he might want to like, put down his stuff or go to the bathroom before listening to my very witty story about whatever happened that afternoon!"

  8. My hubby is the one eating all the biscuits in our house!! Cute list :)

  9. How funny - I was just winding my husband up and I see this post! We are very good at irritating each other. Telling him I wasn't going to pour much wine as he'd had enough seemed to do it tonight! #thelist

  10. lol I might be guilty of a few of these. x

  11. This is great!! I may or may not do some of thesešŸ˜¬ #TheList

  12. Great list and I think those are just the things that every married couple does to each other. The pillow one is awesome! #TheList



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